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Hello Messy Garden!

مرحباً أيتها الحديقة الفوضوية!

لقد مر شهر كامل منذ آخر مرة قمت فيها بالتدوين، إليك ما يحدث منذ آخر مشاركة لي .. عدت إلى المنزل بعد إستراحة مؤلمة لمدة أسبوعين من حديقتي، وتوقعت الأسوأ، وجدتها هي نفسها نسبياً، بإستثناء أن الحديقة كانت على حالة شديدة الفوضى وتبدو مثل الغابة. كانت هناك أعواد خيزران في كل مكان وكانت هناك حفلة جماعية لحشرة المن التي كانت تجري على الجانب السفلي من أوراق الخردل.


The person I left responsible did a great job taking care of the garden, except when it came to actually turning over the leaves and checking under them. This is why it is very important to look under the leaves. All of the leafy greens were still doing great, basil seed pods were ready to harvest so I removed the plants and started collecting seeds 20120429-180806.jpg 20120429-180842.jpg 20120429-180901.jpg


Hello there Abdulrahman!
It is a good feeling, seeing the plants doing well on their own..
I would love to hear your shade clip idea, as tying the shade cloth is too strenuous to install.

I wish I had space to plant neem next to my raised beds, would a young neem plant in a container be as effective as a tree would?

There is nothing better to come back to then a garden going wild, somehow i love it when there is a clash of plants battling it out. but its looking good none the less just dont forget about the shade net also i got a great idea on how to make an easy clip on/off shade net.

Seed collecting is a lot of fun just dont forget to date and name :P (i tend to forget myself :P )

Btw you should plant a neem plant or use some tomato leafs as another way for pest control.

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