Chicken wire composting

Posted by Alzainah Albabtain on

Ive recently started composting in chicken wire bins which I easily made. The wire is sold in rolls and is very easy to work with.


This method has proven more successful in my case, than the plastic bins. As the compost is by far hotter than before. I've never had actual steam blowing in my face when digging into my compost before.


I made sure the bin is in the shade, as to not lose moisture so quickly.


This method is cheaper to set up, and in my case cooking compost better. I can't wait to fill the entire thing, and have my future plants happy and well fed.

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  • What is at the bottom of the this? I’d like to try composting here in Doha but wondering if I should try it like this or in the bins..

    farzana on
  • Thank you Ahmed!

    Alzainah on
  • Hi Alzainah,
    Wish all the best of luck with this method. The cheaper the better.

    Ahmad Al Kandari

    Ahmad on
  • Hello Farzana,
    The wire bins are bottomless. It depends which method works best. The bins are cleaner, but will compost less materials. So it’s a smaller operation.
    The wire is messier, but will compost on a larger scale.

    If you want to conserve water the bins retain more moisture.

    Happy composting!

    Alzainah on

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