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Itallgrows In Kuwait Times

Itallgrows In Kuwait Times


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After reading a great part of Mel’s book, I can trust every word you say about SFG, as I can see that you are practicing it in a professional way. My god bless you Alzainah and I hope to see you soon on TV channels as well.

What a great article, Alzainah!! Let’s hope many more aspiring gardeners will be inspired to get started!!

Allah eywafech. Great article!

Thank you very much for your kind words!
I have used Mel’s book as a gardening reference, as it perfectly guides you to creating a healthy urban garden.
Thank you again :)

[…] own garden – it talks about all the challenges and joys of gardening in Kuwait, plus related news, events, reviews, problems, tips, and related posts to Kuwait in […]

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