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New Compost Batch

New Compost Batch

Here is a new compost batch that I started last month, its getting well watered and turned. I add layers of grass clippings (C+N), then kitchen scraps(N), then wood shavings (C), this way the dry wood shavings mask the scent of the fruits and vegetables which will attract less insects. The reason my grass clippings are N+C is because I leave them in the sun for about 2 weeks before I put them in the bin, this way the dried brown grass reacts with the still fresh grass to make fast compost. [/caption] You can see that the wood shavings take longer to compost than the grass and kitchen scraps. Im also making new compost tea to water and spray the plants with.


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did you find your compost containers at the nursery?

Hi Yousif!
The containers are just cheap trash bins that I drilled holes in. Mine were from Souq Al Irani
Anything will work. Bins, net containers, a pit in the ground, a simple pile. Use what’s best for you.

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