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Pruning = Harvest

Pruning = Harvest

The best way for a home gardener to get the best out of their leafy greens is the 'cut and come again' method. This method is practiced by cutting a few of the outer leaves of each plant while leaving around 2/3 of the plant. This allows the plant to force new leaves to grow and not resort to flowering very soon. If you leave your plant for a long time without pruning (cutting) it will slow its growth down and begin to flower. Weekly harvest Weekly harvest[/caption] In a large enough garden, you can gather all of the pruning which will give you back more leaves in a matter of days, and turn it into a harvest. This is how I always harvest my leafy greens to get them to live longer and produce faster. Cut and come again method Cut and come again method for Pak ChoiCut and come again method
Cut and come again method for Mustard
Cut and come again for Arugula Cut and come again for Arugula.   Just cut a few of the outer leaves, leaving the plant still strong enough to create more leaves. Never strip away your plant. Weekly harvest Weekly harvest


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