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Super fast radishes

Super fast radishes

If you want to grow something super fast, radishes are for you, these things are ready to harvest in 25 days! And they need no special care, just pull them out when they start to pop out of the soil! They're great for the soil too..




We raised these for the first time last fall and I couldn’t believe how quickly they were ready. I had to double check the package the seeds came in.

Sounds good! Good luck!

Good Point! I’ll have to throw some down in the bed we are reserving for the sisters.

Ed, they fix the soil too! I love them as a transition crop between rotations.

They’re so rewarding, radishes along with rocket make a great first time gardener’s veg. No patience required!

How beautiful, Alzainah! Looks delicious too. I’m glad to know they grow so fast.

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