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Tomatoes from cuttings

Tomatoes from cuttings

If you like the tomato variety you're growing, you have a great opportunity to grow duplicates. All you'll need is a large container (5 gallons or bigger), compost, peat moss, perlite. You can of course grow the plant directly in the ground too, just make sure you amend the soil.





This is the easiest way to grow tomatoes, you don't go through the hassle of planting seeds. The main rule is to clip of the branches on the sucker's stem, and to bury it until its very top leaves. Water generously the first time, but don't drown the plant or else the roots will rot. The most important thing to remember with tomatoes is that they are heavy feeding monsters when it comes to soil nutrition and water, so the need lots of room and really good compost. Never plant them in anything smaller than a 5 gallon container, and always keep feeding with compost.


I do have mycorrhiza, but I usually forget to use it and the plants root on their own.

Haha Never heard of honey used as a rooting catalyst!

You’re right I better snip away the flowers tomorrow morning!

Thanks for the pointers!

i was wondering do you use any hormones to help rooting i read honey can be used. (u can dip the tomato in honey and then dip ur finger :P a truly sweet sensation )

also you should cover them up to get some extra heat for growing and removing the flowers (so the energy doesnt ‘sink’ into making tomatoes)

happy farming :D

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