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A lot of people really like the idea of gardening, but don't imagine themselves doing it since they don't have space.  You don't need to be planting things in the ground, container gardening is perfectly fine! and maybe even better, since you completely control the soil. Containers come in all shapes and sizes and they will fit your lifestyle and space. If you live in an apartment, you may have a balcony that is perfect for container gardening, or a wide enough window sill outside your window to fit a container with all your favorite cooking herbs!  space really isn't an issue. Anything will grow in compost rich soil in full sun, you just need to fit its roots in their correct size container! Tomatoes need a minimum size 5 gallon container, and herbs will fit really anywhere thats about 8 inches wide and deep.  The Square Foot Gardening method I'm adopting for my garden is essentially a container method. So find a good spot around your house that receives about 8 hours of sunshine and you'll have a nice kitchen container garden to last you from September to May.

Here's a photo update on my seedlings: Here's something I found interesting, This is a French Marigold seedling escaping its very peculiar seed:


Great work!

It would be interesting to see a roof garden using your method that incorporates aesthetic gardening, organic food and a nice seating and eating area. Maybe the raised beds could be behind benches, or maybe they are the benches, and the shading device becomes a trellis. So many wonderful possibilities.

I’m glad to see the sun isn’t holding you back.

Emmmm but i cant leave it outdoor! Is there any place that sell compost just the way you do it? Your recommendation :)

Thanks for the comment Barrak!

The sun from mid September on will be a blessing, and every cloudy day slows down the plants’ growth. I’m more worried about hailstorms and heavy rain.

Trellises are a great idea, I am planning on building vertical one to help watermelons, tomatoes, and squash grow vertically. Having an overhead trellis is beautiful, but I don’t recommend doing it in the vegetable garden, as most of these vegetables need around 8 hours of full sun, and partial shade can hinder their growth, and keep them from reaching their full potential.

La bil3ax I’m happy to answer :)

I wouldn’t suggest making a compost bin indoors, it gets messy at times when excess water leaks out of the holes. It may also smell if overwatered.
Compost ingredients can attract insects, I’ve had fruit flies lay eggs
in mine, I don’t really mind them, their larvea helps compost happen faster like earthworms. But as soon as I mix the bin. The larvea disappear. You wouldn’t want anything like that indoors.
It’s best to leave it outdoors.

Waaaaaaaw thank u thank u this is excatly what i looking for .. Another question (athetech adre :D)
About the compost.. Wouldn’t be smelly if i do it inside my home?!

I don’t think so, but as soon as I find a good option I’ll post about it. :)

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