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إترك تقييم لمنتج جربته مع تحميل صورة من تصويرك وإحصل مباشرة على كود خصم عن طريق الإيميل

Tomato Abe Lincoln

1.500 KWD

25 seeds
This tomato is extraordinary in every way. This large, meaty, old-fashioned, globe-shaped variety is crack resistant and packed with great taste. It becomes ripe after about 75 days. Indeterminate.

The Abe Lincoln tomato, originating from the beloved American president's home state, was introduced in 1923 by W. H. Buckbee seed company of Rockville, Illinois. It soon established itself in gardens nationwide, staying there even through the arrival of new hybrid varieties in the 1940s. This round, solid red tomato is known among gardeners for its high resistance to splitting and cracking.

Abraham Lincoln tops the list of big red tomatoes for flavor, appearance, production, and pest and disease resistance.