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Alyssum Royal Carpet

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56 – 63 days. Annual Flower. Open Pollinated. Royal Carpet Alyssum flower seeds are an essential fragrant and award-winning grow whether kept in the garden or used to accent a home or office. Royal Carpet seeds are quick to maturity with a season’s worth of dazzling shades of magenta, violet, and fuchsia blooms. Royal Carpet Alyssum debuted as an AAS Bedding Plant Winner for its low-maintenance and season-long perfume. Alyssum is flower very adaptable to pots, planters, and baskets but will thrive just as readily in a cool, shaded flower bed.

  • Taxonomy: Lobularia maritima
  • Other Names: Sweet Alyssum, Sweet Alison
  • Seed Type: Annual
  • Sow Indoors or Outdoors: Alyssum will take 7 – 21 days to germinate in full lighting. Plants are just as popularly grown indoors as they are outdoors and may reseed in optimal climates.
  • Days to Flower Maturity: 56 – 63 days
  • Seed Planting Depth: Lightly press 2 – 3 seeds without covering or broadcast directly
  • Plant Spacing: 6”
  • Growth Habit: dwarfed 3 – 6” tall trailing mound with a 10 – 12” spread of tiny 4-petaled blooms
  • Soil Preference: Average, medium moisture, well-drained
  • Light Preference: Full sun – Partial shade
  • Diseases/Pests/Troubleshooting: Blooming may decline in consistently hot summers, but continue strong in the cooling fall. Alyssum has no serious susceptibility to any pests or diseases.
  • Color: Shades of magenta, violet, and fuchsia
  • Seeds Per Package:
    • 500 mg - Approximately 1,000 Seeds


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