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Arugula 114g

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KWD 4.250

Arugula - Slow Bolt - Microgreens Seeds 

6-8 days. 

Slow Bolt Arugula is easy to grow and grows fast as a microgreen. It's a favorite and generally considered a staple of the spicier side of microgreens and baby salad greens. The peppery taste gets less intense as it grows bigger.

  • 4 oz - Approximately 56,800 seeds

Latin Name:

Eruca sativa

Other Name(s):

Roquette, salad rocket, garden rocket


No Soak

Preferred Growing Medium: 

Soil or Hydroponic

Seeding Rate per 10"x 20" tray:

1 oz

Blackout Time:

1-2 days

Germination Time:

1-2 days

Estimated time to Harvest:

6-8 days

Microgreen Color: 


Microgreen Flavor:

peppery flavor, slightly buttery and cabbage-like

Microgreen Texture: 

crisp, fresh


Vitamins A and C, calcium, iron, and phosphorus