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Basil Red Rubin

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Red Rubin Basil is a sweet cultivar and hybrid relative of Dark Opal. This herb grows large Italian-type 3” magenta-colored leaves—giving off a pungent clove spice with mild sweetness. This hybrid basil variety originated in Denmark and cultivated in 1992. With high contents of antioxidants, Red Rubin Basil is often used fresh or made into zesty vinegars or sauces such as purple basil pesto.

    • Red Rubin Basil Herb Days to Maturity: 70+(leaves) 90+(seeds)
    • Red Rubin Basil Seed Planting Depth: 1/4”
    • Red Rubin Basil Seed Plant Spacing: 12-16”
    • Red Rubin Basil Growth Habit: Upright/compact bush
    • Soil Preference: Rich and well-drained
    • Temp Preference: Warmer
    • Light Preference: Full sun
    • Red Rubin Basil Herb Color: Large-leaf magenta leaves, pink flowers
    • Red Rubin Basil Seed Flavor: Pungent, spicy clove, zesty, sweet


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