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Beet Red Microgreen 114g

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11-21 days. Beets are a more advanced microgreen but well worth the effort because of its stunning color and bold flavor. It takes a bit more time to mature, but once grown, the bright stems and leaves look fantastic on any dish! Certified organic.


Latin Name:

Beta vulgaris var. Bull's Blood

Other Name(s):


4-8 hours in cold water

Preferred Growing Medium: 

Soil only

Seeding Rate per 10"x 20" tray:

1-1.5 oz

Blackout Time:

6-8 days

Germination Time:

3-4 days

Estimated time to Harvest:

11-21 days

Microgreen Color: 

vibrant pink and magenta stems with green top

Microgreen Flavor:

sweet, earthy

Microgreen Texture: 

crisp, juicy


Vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, and protein

Growing Directions:

Grow only in soil. Beets seeds are an abnormally shaped seed, which contributes to why its preferred medium is soil. Their root systems require a bit more room to explore and grab hold. Prepare your soil in your tray by tamping it and making sure it is moist. after pre-soak, sow your seeds and then cover with a thin layer of soil. This provides the ideal conditions for the seeds to germinate. After a while, the beets will start to poke through the the top layer—which also serves to de-shell the seed. Keep covered with the blackout dome for up to five days. After that, place under a grow light until mature! Cut close to the soil line to feature the red stem.