Beetroot Lutz Green Leaf

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  • 150 1.500 KWD

شمندر حلو وسهل الزراعة إشتهر بأوراقه وأغصانه الخضراء البارزة والكبيرة القابلة للأكل والمليئة بالفوائد الغنية

الوزن ٢غ

Lutz Green Leaf is known for its long standing storage capabilities. Also known by many as "winterkeeper" beets.

Lutz has roots that are about 6" in diameter and can get much bigger without that woody taste. Make sure you thin out to 4-6"

They are reddish purple in color and have a sweet tender flavor. However, what Lutz Green Leaf is really known for is their giant, glossy green tops that are mouth watering.

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