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Black Eyed Susan

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زهور الرادبيكا او سوزان ذات العيون السوداء اصلها من المناطق ذات التربة الفقيرة في امريكا ،الشمالية
تظهر سنويا كما النوير لدينا
ممكن زراعتها مباشرة خارجي او سبق الموسم لتزهير اطول


Black-Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia Hirta)
 - This familiar, yet gorgeous golden yellow wild flower is often seen growing in large colonies along highways, in fields, and in many natural settings.

Black-Eyed Susan easily establishes from Rudbeckia Hirta seeds, and it produces clumping, stiff, upright plants that are short-lived. Rudbeckia Black Eyed Susan is native to the eastern United States and is probably the most common of all American wildflowers.

They have the characteristic dark brown, domed center which is surrounded by bright, golden yellow petals. Black-Eyed Susan wildflowers thrive in most soils, in full sun, and they forgive neglect.

Black-Eyed Susan grows perfectly in gardens, in borders and in flower beds, and it is a great summer time bloomer. Butterflies of many species are attracted to its bright blooms