Carrot Parisian

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  • 150 1.500 KWD

جزر سريع النمو ، ممتاز  للزراعة مع الاطفال و للزراعة في الاحواض: لا يتطلب مساحة او عمق

ننصح بالتحلي بالصبر عند زراعة الجزر و عدم الاستعجال بالحصاد

60 days. The Parisian carrot seeds produce round roots. This garden crop thrives with full sun in zones three to nine, and does best in sandy, well-drained soil, though it can also grow in rocky soil. The Parisian carrot matures earlier than most other carrots, ready to harvest in around sixty days. The variety is sweet and tender. This round carrot is frequently used in containers or forced off season in cold frames and tunnels. Also great in heavy soils where long carrots are difficult.

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