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Tomato Celebrity H

1.400 KWD 1.750 KWD

10 seeds
65-75 days. Solanum lycoperscium. Celebrity Hybrid Tomato seeds grow as annual semi-determinate crops that thrive in high temperatures with fast-maturing fruit. Technically, as determinate plants, Celebrity Hybrid Tomatoes produce enough for gardeners to consider their active growth as an early season variety that provides delicious high yield of slicing tomatoes for longer! As a popular bush variety, Celebrity tomato plants reach 3-4’ tall with hearty red 8-10 oz sphere-shaped fruit that can adapt to different climates. Celebrity Hybrid crops are crack and disease-resistant.
  • Latin Name: Solanum lycoperscium
  • Variety: “ Celebrity Hybrid”
  • Days to Maturity: 65-75 days
  • Planting Depth: ¼-1/2"
  • Plant Spacing: 2-3’
  • Row Spacing: 3-4’
  • Growth Habit: Upright/bush
  • Soil Preference: Loamy, rich and well-drained with pH 6.2-6.8
  • Temp Preference: Warmer
  • Light Preference: Full sun
  • Color: Red sphere-shaped fruit
  • Flavor: Delicious, hearty and sweet