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Cocoly Fertilizer

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Cocoly is the founder of granular water soluble fertilizer which is abundant in nutrition and is fully soluble. It contains all nutritive elements required by plants in their whole growth cycle and the rate of absorption and utilization can be up to above 90%.

Effect of Cocoly is resulted in its core ingredient PAS.

Source of PAS

As we know, snail used to be applied in the fields of facial, medical treatment and others. Until Aug. 2013, Cocoly company cooperated with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences for research and development, and successfully extracted a Polymeric acid substance from snail by cryogenic cell cold pressure fission extraction technology. This is a kind of thick small-molecule essential substance that is called PAS and is applied to agricultural field, but mass production relying on snail is unpractical.

Afterwards, via ten thousands of repeated search and experiments, we finally discovered the same ingredient to snail’s extract in a leguminosae plant at downstream of Amazon, and applied this food-grade essential ingredient PAS into Cocoly. It greatly improves fertilizer efficiency and gives Cocoly special effect that is absent in other fertilizers.

Functions of PAS:

1-It has super-high penetration, makes the nutrition rapidly absorbed and utilized by the crops, keeps the water and improves fertilizer efficiency.

2-It activates cell regeneration and physiological function, stimulates generation of non-specific active factors in plant and regulates the extreme speed balance of internal sources.

3-It provides small-molecule essential substance protection - series of enzymes are translated to chemical substances in plant, effectively inducing to generate resistant protein and improving defense capability of plants against pest and diseases damage.

4-It enhances biomass of microorganism in soil, improves soil environment and helps with soil hardening and acid-base imbalance problems.



ZTDH-Fulvic Acid Original Powder

ZTDH-Polymeric Acid Substance (PAS) 

ZTDH-Molasses Fermentation Solubles (CMS)

ZTDH-Polyaspartic Acid (PASP)

ZTDH-Poly Glutamic Acid(PGA)

ZTDH-Bio Root Promoter

ZTDH-Bacillus cereus

ZTDH-Bacillus subtilis

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