Corn Early Sunglow • ذرة حلوة سريعة النمو

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صنف متوارث ممتاز للموسم القصير
يتميز بسرعة النمو و النضج
يزرع في الموسم الدافئ في الربيع و الخريف
في موقع مشمس

62 days. The Early Sunglow Hybrid variety of corn seeds was developed to be earlier and sweeter than other types of corn, and became well known for its vibrant, golden color. The stalks grow to be just four feet tall, making this a shorter variety than others. The Early Sunglow Hybrid provides six to seven inch ears. This strain of corn may take up to 71 days. Recommended by USU. Excellent flavor for an early variety. Noted for its cold weather performance

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