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Corn Mache

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الوزن: ٥٠٠ ملي غرام

يسمى بخس النعجة او خس الخروف
اوراق طريقة ممتازة للزراعة في الجو المعتدل والبارد
جميل جداً في السلطات والطبخات

50 days. Forms rosettes of smooth, spoon-shaped leaves coveted by fine chefs. Prized as early spring green. Fairly hardy this green can be mulched with straw to overwinter in cold areas. Plant seeds in late summer through fall and again in early spring. Harvest young leaves for use in salads. Harvest full plant when flower shoot appears as quality deteriorate after flowering.

Corn Salad has a delicate flavor, similar to a butterhead lettuce. It is quite hardy and requires very little care while remaining practically free of pests & disease. Corn salad is also known for growing vigorously in almost any soil!