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Corn Ornamental

1.500 KWD

110 days. Rainbow colored Indian corn. Large ears. Open pollinated.

The Indian Ornamental variety of corn seeds are open polinated and provide large, eight inch ears of rainbow colored corn with a mild flavor. Although it can be eaten, this variety of seed is usually grown for decorative purposes. 

  • Taxonomy: Zea mays
  • Days to Maturity: 100-110 days
  • Days to Germination: 7-14
  • Planting Depth: 1-2"
  • Plant Spacing: 12"
  • Row Spacing: 12"
  • Growth Habit: Upright stalk
  • Soil Preference: Loose, loamy, organic, well-drained
  • Temp Preference: Warmer, 75-90 °F
  • Light Preference: Full Sun
  • Color: 100% ornamental mutli-colored rainbow kernels