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Cosmos Sensations Mix

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الوزن: ١٥٠٠ ملي غرام

زهور الكوزموس الشهيرة تنفع في الأرض والأحواض

الالوان: وردي فاقع-أحمر-ابيض-وردي فاتح

 Sensation Mix cosmos seeds grow some of the season's most timeless and familiar blooms. Sensation Mix cosmos seeds are hardy outdoor favorites for growing unique, yet brilliant color for lining the back of the garden or showing off up on the patio. Sensation Mix seeds grow classic 36” cosmos shrubs bursting with neat 2” daisy-like blooms in a mix of rose, white, pink, and magenta. Sensation Mix is easy to grow from seed and known to thrive in a variety of gardens prone to heat, drought, and poor soil