Cucumber Beit Alpha

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  • 150 1.500 KWD

صنف قديم متوارث يعرف بالخيار اللبناني ، صنف لذيذ معطاء و سهل في الزراعة

يتميز الصنف بالتلقيح الذاتي، اي انه لا يتطلب التلقيح عن طريق الزهور الذكرية

55 days. This middle eastern style cucumber is crisp and sweet. Also called Persian or Lebanese cucumber, the Beit Alpha types are tender, sweet and seedless--perfect for packing into school lunches! The Beit Alpha cucumber is an early variety of cucumber that is sweet, tender and seedless. The Beit Alpha is large and smooth with a soft outer layer. Since this variety is mature in just fifty five days, a steady harvest can be achieved by planting regularly throughout the season.


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