Cucumber Lemon • خيار ليموني

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  • 150 1.500 KWD

خيار ليموني سهل النمو، بشكل الليمون. الثمر اصفر كروي ممتاز للمخلل

ننصح بتعليق اغصان الخيار على عصي او شبك للتسلق

65 days. This unique strain of cucumber takes 65 days until it is ready to harvest. Sunny yellow baseball sized fruits with white to bright yellow flesh resemble a lemon grow from the vine.
The Lemon cucumber is a unique variety of cucumber that is sweet and tender. The Lemon round and yellow. Since this variety is mature in just sixty five days, a steady harvest can be achieved by planting regularly
throughout the season.


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