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Broccoli Di Cicco O

1.750 KWD

48 to 70 days. Annual. Organic Heirloom seeds. Di Cicco is an Italian heirloom broccoli dating back from 1890. Very vigorous plants produce heavy crops of 3 to 4 inch wide, blue- green, central heads. Great side- shoot production. Can also be used as a sprouting broccoli. The Di Cicco variety of broccoli was introduced in 1890 in Italy, and is still a popular garden crop to grow. Broccoli is hardy and can be grown in zones three through ten, and can withstand frost. These organic seeds will grow and produce modestly sized heads with a large yield of side shoots. The tops of the Di Cicco broccoli heads have a soft green a purple color, and can be eaten in different ways, such as in a salad, or part of a stir fry.