Protective Trellis Net• شبك للتعليق و الحماية

  • 260 2.600 KWD

  • Space-saving garden trellis netting gives climbing plants a place to grow
  • Use trellis netting for healthier plants; Improves yields and increases valuable gardening space
  • Attractive black trellis netting with UV inhibitors for long life; Ideal for climbing flowers like clematis
  • Improves plant health by providing an increase in air circulation and sunlight to the climbing fruits, flowers and vegetables
  • Sturdy vertical support for climbing flower, fruits and vegetables
  • Ross trellis netting
  • Provide a sturdy support for climbing fruits and vegetables
  • Uv-protected plastic mesh is durable enough to reuse season after season
  • Measures 45-feet length by 14-feet width

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