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Gourds Mix

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100-120 days. Cucurbita pepo Mix of many large types. With sprawling vines, gourds require widespread areas for growth; rows can be planted 2 - 3 feet apart; spectacular, colorful gourds with smooth or coarse surfaces have amazing potential for arts, crafts, and inclusion in the kitchen.

    • Latin Name: Corcurbita Pepo
    • Other Names: Multiple - including Autumn pumpkin
    • Days to Maturity: 55-65 days
    • Garden Seed: Heirloom - AAS Winner
    • Growth Medium: Well drained; well-watered; mixture of clay and some sand
    • Germination Rate: High – Open Pollinated
    • Harvest time: 100 - 120 days

  • Prefers exposure to full sun but can stand some shade. Sow ½” deep; 10 -12 feet spacing. Height: 24 - 36”. Before planting, soil needs to be well groomed to avoid invasion of weeds. If row covers are used they should be removed during the blooming stage to allow bees access for pollination. Transplanting is not advisable because of the delicate nature of roots. Growing in containers will hinder growth.

    Additional Facts and Information

    These extraordinary gourds are multi-purpose and can be used in resourceful ways: arts and crafts, musical instruments and decorations. Some gourds are beneficial to health, containing calcium, magnesium, manganese, Omega-3, zinc, and other vitamins and minerals; improving eyesight and blood circulation; guarding immunity, bone strength and other advantages. For sweet or savory dishes, many gourds are used in the kitchen and others are carved out for use as vessels.