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Honeydew Melon

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من احلى الثمار الصيفية
الشمام يتطلب الكثير من الشمس و الحرارة للوصول لطعم سكري عسلي
ننصح بتوفير المساحة للاغصان بالسرحان 

105 days. Flesh is emerald green and sweet. An excellent shipper with hard, creamy white rind. The non-GMO green flesh honeydew melon seeds produce smooth, cream colored melons with green interiors and a sweet flavor. 


  • Latin Name: Cucumis melo
  • Other Names:
  • Days to Maturity: 105 days
  • Planting Depth: 1/2"
  • Plant Spacing: 12"
  • Row Spacing: 12"
  • Growth Habit: Vine
  • Soil Preference: Moist, 70 degrees
  • Temp Preference: Warmer
  • Light Preference: Full Sun
  • Diseases/pests: Susceptible to aphids mealybugs. Honeydew is not tolerant of drought, so soil must be kept moist.
  • Color:Light green
  • Flavor:Sweet