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Jar Spoon & Fork Set

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KWD 2.950
The Scoop&Pick™ will get all the delicious olives, pickles and sun dried tomatoes out of the deepest jars and bottles. The long handled slotted spoon scoop is perforated, ensures that you can scoop and drain the excess liquids from even the deepest jars. The stainless steel integrated fork is perfect for skewering difficult to serve food such as pickles or sun-dried tomatoe to easily pierce hard to reach foods. Both clips neatly together for organized storage. 




Quick-Draining Spoon

Stainless-Steel Fork

Easy Storage: Fork Clips Neatly Into Spoon

Product Specifications

  • Spoon is slotted for quick draining of liquids
  • Stainless steel fork skewers difficult to serve food
  • For clips neatly into spoon for easy storage
  • Dishwasher safe