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Kuvings C7000 Slow Juicer

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KWD 146.000

The new and improved juicer by Kuvings yields more juice that is both, smooth and nutritious. Sleek and compact in design, it is easy to assemble, use and clean. 

Remarkable Features

Wide Mouth


Wide Feeding Tube for Easy and Fresh Juicing

3-inch wide feed tube takes whole fruits and vegetables without pre-cutting, saving time and reducing nutrient loss. Ideal for soft and pulpy fruit, hard and fibrous vegetables, and all leafy greens.



Superior Masticating Technology

With patented low speed masticating technology, this cold press juicer squeezes and presses produce, retaining enzymes and nutrients instead of grinding and chewing like traditional juicers. Get refined juice with less fibre and more yield.



Efficient Motor

Heavy-duty yet low-speed gear reduction motor operates quietly and keeps vibration level at the minimum. Suitable for commercial establishments making 100 or lesser juices per day.



Smart Cap

Chrome-plated, drip-free Smart Cap makes it easy to create custom juice blends and to rinse between recipes.


What Differentiates the Kuvings C7000

  • A new drum set prevents leakage during juicing and facilitates easy assembly and cleaning. 
  • The redesigned bottom filter enhances stability, provides an additional point for locking and prevents leaks.
  • With its Y-shaped design, the new silicone wiping blade helps in comprehensive blending of thicker drinks.