Large Kitchen Scale

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  • 1195 11.950 KWD

ميزان كبير يتسخدم حتى ١٥كيلو يمكن ان يتستخدم ايضا كلوح تقطيع
      • Chopping board and scales combination lets you chop directly onto the platform
      • Designed with an extra-large glass platform for use with large mixing bowls
      • Weigh up to 15Kg directly on the platform or in a bowl/pan
      • Use the 'Add & Weigh' function to measure multiple ingredients in the same bowl/pan
      • Utilise the Aquatronic function to measure liquids (ml or fl. oz)
      • Choose between imperial and metric measurements to suit your recipe
      • Slim and compact so you can neatly store as you would a chopping board

    • Product Specifications

      • Model Number : 1079 WHDR
      • Max weight x resolutions: 15kg x 1g, 33lb x 1/8 oz, 15,000ml x 1ml, 525 fl.oz x 1/8 fl.oz
      • Product size: 35 x 26cm
      • Batteries: 3 x AAA Batteries (Included) 

  • Two essentials in one. Salter's 15kg Chopping Board Kitchen Scale combines two kitchenware designs to make a unit that lets you chop and measure on the same surface with little effort. Recipes that ask for a specific amount of chopped ingredients usually require you to fetch a chopping board and then weigh the ingredients on a separate kitchen scale. The Max Chopping Scale integrates these two kitchen accessories and streamlines the food preparation process to save you time. Perfect for quickly trimming and chopping, the entire platform surface acts as a generous capacity scale that is also suitable to use as a chopping board. The size and weight capacity make it perfect for using with large mixing bowls or your food processor when you are cooking up a feast. With a maximum weight of 15kg and a large platform, this scale is ideal for cooking or baking larger batches of food, making it perfect if you have a large number of dinner guests or if you are preparing for a party. The Max Digital Kitchen Scale is the perfect size to keep alongside your other chopping boards. The compact design is neat to store, and the stylish nature of the unit makes it an appealing accessory to display on your kitchen work surface. Featuring an extra-large backlit display, the scales help you clearly and easily read accurate measurements whilst you chop and weigh!

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