Lettuce All Year Round • خس طول العام

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  • 150 1.500 KWD

الوزن:  ٥٠٠ملي غرام

يتميز هذا الصنف بقدرة عالية لتحمل التقلبات الجوية
لذلك يسمى بخس طول العام
ينمو طول السنة ولكنه بالتأكيد لا يتحمل الصيف

This pre-1870 British heirloom is a traditional butterhead lettuce.  Also known as 'All the Year Round', the medium-sized heads loosely formed heads and soft, buttery-textured green leaves and compact, solid crisp hearts produced a hardy reliable plant, that is slow to bolt even in hot weather.

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