Lettuce Leaf Basil • ريحان عملاق

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يسمى بريحان ورق الخس لتشابه اوراقه العملاقة مع اوراق الخس
له رائحة عطرية تشبه الريحان الايطالي الحلو

اضافة رائعة للحديقة و المطبخ


Ocimum basilicum
Mammoth basil is a lettuce leaf basil, has leaves that can stretch out as long as your hand. If you are a basil fan, this the Granddaddy of the basil family. Featuring large, dark green, luscious, leaves, a chefs dream herb.
Direct sow after last frost in late May, or start indoors. Basil does well on a kitchen windowsill in a warm sunny location.
Germination- 5-14 days in temperatures around 70°.
Plants can reach 18" in height.
Basil does best when flowers are trimmed off. To harvest cut the stem approximately 1/3 down the branches.
Mammoth basil has such an amazing aroma and is so versatile. Uses go way beyond pesto, try it in sandwiches, salads, dressings, marinades, on pizza, and don't forget soups! This basil will not disappoint.

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