Mama Mia Pepper • فلفل ماماميا

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  • 150 1.500 KWD

Very early maturing yellow sweet Italian pepper similar to Golden Marconi, but earlier and has disease resistance.

Golden yellow fruits are long tapered with easy to remove skin.

Nice sweet flavor that is excellent either fresh, grilled or roasted.

Bright yellow/gold fruit are pendant on sturdy dark green bushy plants with excellent coverage from sunburn.

The somewhat compact 24" plant takes up less space and offers disease tolerance to Tobacco mosaic virus.

Plant Habit: Bushy
Plant Height: Medium: 10" to 24"
Garden Spacing: 15 inches
Days To Harvest (Sowing Seed): 125 days
Days To Harvest (Transplant): 85 days
Fruit Color (Harvest): Bright yellow/gold
Fruit Shape: Elongated
Fruit Size: 7-9 inches
Fruit Weight: 2-4 ounces
Fruit Flavor Description: Sweet
Number Of Fruits Per Plant: 25-30
Plant Spread: 20 inches
Disease Resistances or Tolerances: Tobacco mosaic virus

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