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Melon Crenshaw

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بطيخة مميزة و نادرة تنتج ثمار كبيرة جدا. طعم سكري فريد.. تحب الموسم الحار الجاف،، تزرع و تنسى لانها لا تحتاج الى رعاية دقيقة، فقط تحتاج بعض الوقت لتنضج


110 days. The Crenshaw melon is a hybrid cross between the cantaloupe and casaba melons. The Crenshaw melon is sweet in flavor and has a yellow-green appearance. This melon is softer than many other types, and weighs around six pounds. 6 to 10 pound fruit ripens to yellow outside with thick, salmon colored flesh. An excellent source of Vitamin C.