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Melon Hales Best O

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نوع عضوي متوارث من ال١٩٢٠ له نكهة ممتازة قوية، له شعبية كبيرة و ذلك لسرعة نضج الثمر، يمتاز بنكهة ثمرها و قدرة تحمله العالية.. يتحمل الحر و الجفاف.

80 to120 days

Large, oval, ribbed fruits weighing up to 5 to 6 pounds, this cantaloupe is a traditional favorite. With heavy netting and fine textured, bright orange flesh, it holds a sweet flavor. Drought tolerant.

Introduced in 1924, the Hales Best Jumbo variety of cantaloupe is a large melon with a mild and sweet taste. The vine produces melons that reach maturity in as soon as eighty five days.