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Microplane Zester

8.950 KWD

مبشارة ناعمة ممتازة لبشر الثوم و الزنجبيل و لبشر قشر الحمضيات مثل الليمون والبرتقال، و لبشر جبن البارميزان بشكل ناعم و انيق

ستانلس ستيل يدوم فنرة طويلة

لا تجرح اليد

تأتي مع غطاء واقي

لون اخضر

Still a classic...only better.
This new version with a premium soft-touch handle and non-scratch end tabs grates even the hardest Parmesan Reggiano as well as other hard cheeses into fine lacy wisps. Ideal for topping your favorite spaghetti and meatballs or a Caesar salad. It’s also wonderful for effortless citrus zesting to add natural flavors to a lemon crème brulee or a basic vinaigrette.

Product Details
    • Soft grip handle available in a variety of vibrant colors
    • Non-scratch end tabs
    • Reusable protective cover included
    • Dimensions:
  • Length (cm): 32.5
    Width (cm): 3.5
    Height (cm): 3
  • Shipping Weight: 6 oz.
  • Materials: Surgical grade stainless steel blade. TPE plastic handle.
  • Blade made in the USA, Assembled in MX.