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Munstead Lavender

1.500 KWD

Lavandula Angustifolia

One of the most beautifully, strong fragrant lavenders that provides rich essential oils that can be used in many ways. This plant has anti fungal and antibacterial properties that have be used before for pain, burns or infection. It thrives in full sun, well drained soils and best if planted early spring to better germinate with cool soil. The plant matures anywhere from 60-90 days.

It is best sow indoors in late summer indoors to help germinate which takes approximately 15-20 days.
The beautiful flowers will not only attract bees and butterflies but will also attract anyone with its elegant aroma! 

  • Scientific Name: Lavandula
  • Days to Harvest: 70-90 days (from date of transplanting)
  • Days to Maturity: 2nd Year
  • Days to Germination: 14-28
  • Seeding Depth: Press into soil without covering
  • Plant Width: 24-48"
  • Plant Height: 24-48"
  • Growth Habit: Woody and herbaceous mounding shrub
  • Soil Preference: Average, loose, sandy, well-drained
  • Temp Preference: Cooler, 40-65°F
  • Light Preference: Full sun