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Mustard Nemagon Ground Cover 1 oz

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 خردل يزرع كتغطية ارضية في الأحواض المصابة بالنيماتودا والأمراض البكتيرية
بعد نمو الخردل بشكل كامل، تقص الأغصان بكل مافيها وتدفن في التربة مع الجذور
ثم يسقى الخردل المدفون حتى يتم الإستفادة منه

Nemagon Mustard

 Nemagon is a natural bio-fumigant for root-knot nematode.

What is bio-fumigation? Well, there are a lot of big words and some fancy jargon, but it condenses down to this: Bio-fumigants are plants that, when grown, then chopped or mowed and tilled into the soil, release a compound that suppresses certain diseases and/or pests. Nemagon has higher levels of this compound than other mustards.

When properly applied, Nemagon works as a nematicide (it kills nematodes), specifically root-knot nematode. Using Nemagon as a prep cover crop can significantly reduce incidence and severity of bacterial wilt, and consequently boost yields.

Sow Nemagon in sandy loamy soil in very early spring for spring planting prep and in autumn for winter use. Stagger plantings 10-14 days apart, to ensure an all season crop.

Do not plant Nemagon following other brassica crops.

Nemagon can be grown as an annual or biennial. It can reach over a meter tall, with long, erect branches, petioled lower leaves, and a rooting depth of 3 to 4 feet. Grow Nemagon once every 3-4 years for disease prevention. When plants have matured, chop or mow them, then till into the soil and be sure to water after tilling.