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Mustard Wasabi Microgreens

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Up to 12 days. This mustard has large green leaves with wavy edges and a fun wasabi-like bite. Easy to grow, this mustard is also cold hardy and vigorous. Don't be mistaken, this is not the actual Japanese wasabi plant, but a great mustard to use fresh in spring rolls, on sandwiches, in stir fry, or traditional mustard-green dishes. Try it at the microgreen stage (7 to 14 days) for a zing on sandwiches or in salads.


  • Latin Name: brassica rapa
  • Other Names:
  • Days to Maturity: 8-12 days
  • Growth Medium: Soil or Hydroponic
  • Color:A white stem with a bright geen top
  • Flavor: A bold mustard flavor with spice
  • Nutrients: antioxidants, fiber, Vitamins A,C, E, and K

Mustard Microgreens grow quickly and uniformally like most brassicas in the right conditions. A fairly warm spot with good airflow and light. Spread your mustard seeds over the surface of your chosen medium whether that be soil or a hydroponic medium. Spread them across the surface; the more dense, the thicker the greens will be. Beware of too many seeds because that can lead to overcrowding and ultimately, crop failure. After the seeds are sown, place something over the tray to block out any light for the first 2 days—the seeds will germinate in the dark. After those 2 days, remove the cover and place your tray in a sunny area or under light. We recommend using grow light, since growing them next to a window can cause your greens to lean and become stemmy.