Okra Jade

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  • 150 1.500 KWD

الوزن: ٢غرام

باميا خضراء سريعة النمو ممتازة للزراعة المنزلية والموسم القصير
ننصح بزراعتها خارجي فور عودة الدفئ في الربيع لحصاد صيفي

Early maturing, tender-podded, high-yielding okra perfect for late planting

'Jade' is an early maturing, tender-podded, high-yielding okra. Compared to 'Clemson Spineless', 'Jade' has darker green pods, fewer side branches, higher average yields, and better ability to mature in late plantings. Plants average 4-1/2' tall and the straight, dark-green pods remain tender to 6". Recommended especially for home gardens, farmer's markets, and late plantings.

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