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Pea Patio Pride For Containers

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KWD 1.750
  • 25 g packet - Approximately 110 Seeds

Days to Maturity: 40 from direct sow

AAS Winner 2017 (for size, flavor and speed)

Super-early, super-compact, and super-flavorful, Patio Pride is nothing less than a super-pea! This All-America Selections Winner simply astonishes with 30 or more pods on plants so well-branched and compact you can grow them in containers! And the flavor—let's just say that nothing about this pea is small other than the size of the plant!

The growing is easy with Patio Pride. It loves sunshine to partial shade, and finishes in just over a month. As a legume, it is a nitrogen fixer in the soil, so be sure to chop up the plant after harvest and work it into your garden. Next season's veggie patch will be all the richer for it!