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All Purpose Plant Food Concentrate 1-1-1

4.950 KWD

Liquid Concentrate For Quick Results! All Plants Love this!

  • Dr. Earth' Pure Gold' All Purpose Plant Food is formulated to feed all plants anytime of the year, both annuals and perennials. Dr. Earth Pure Gold All Purpose Plant Food is a great all purpose plant food that can be used on vegetables, flowers, trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials.

  • Can be used in the soil or on the plant's leaves for quick results!

Directions For Mixing:

  • Use 4 tablespoons (2 OZ.) per gallon of pure water.
  • Mix the ingredients thoroughly, to completely dissolve all ingredients into a liquid water solution.

How To Apply?:

  • Once you have diluted the concentrate, you may either use it as a foliar spray on the leaves or apply directly to the soil around the base of plants, feeding at a rate of 2 cups for small plants or 4 cups for larger plants.
  • Apply every 2 weeks for maximum results.
  • Make sure to spray branches and the underside of leaves until the plants are dripping.

Tip: Please spray early in the morning or after 4:00PM to avoid any leaf burning.