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All Purpose Pump'nGrow 1-1-1

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KWD 3.750

Easy Feeding For All Plants!

Dr. Earth' Pure Golds All Purpose Plant Food is formulated to feed all plants anytime of the year, both annuals and perennials. Excellent for house plants, vegetables, herbs, flowers, trees, and containers.

  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake well before each use. Simply apply directly to the soil surface at the base of each plant. Press the pump 1 time for every gallon of soil (small pots), or 4 to 5 times for larger pots. 1 pump per gallon of soil is a great rule. Water the fertilizer in well, within 24 hours. Sooner is better than later to activate the fertilizer. In a watering can: use 8 pumps per gallon of pure water. Apply every week for maximum results.