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Purple Basil Microgreen

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Purple basil is a more colorful variety of sweet basil. It has a mucilaginous seed, meaning that it develops a jelly-like coating when it gets wet. Mist more frequently to keep the coating moist. Grows very well hydroponically and does better in well-lit conditions, but it is a slower grower. You may experiment with harvest times past 10 days. Purple basil is a spectacular purple color with green highlights that makes for a colorful garnish. Micro basil does not grow tall, so you will need to harvest close to the root line and rinse well. Micro basil seeds are among the more expensive seeds but are worth it for their amazing color and intense basil flavor.

Micro basil is an outstanding choice for caprese, pesto or any recipe that calls for fresh basil. The flavor of micro basil is a bit more intense than adult basil.

This variety of purple basil seeds has a beautiful dark color, earning it's name of Dark Opal. They are an ideal heirloom microgreens seed that growing consistently and uniformally.

**Note: This seed varies widely in color, please be aware that the percentages of green and purple vary from lot to lot and is in no way consistent.**

Purple Basil Seeds: ocimum basilcum
Seeding: Approx 1 Oz of seed for a 10"x20" tray
Seed Presoak: No (mucilaginous)
Growing Medium: hydroponic, soil
Preferred Medium: hydroponic for microgreens, soil for baby greens and adult stage
Germination Rate: Moderate
Germination Time: 5 to 7 days
Microgreens Harvest time: 12 to 16 days
Baby Salad / Adult Stage Harvest: 16+ days (grow in soil)
Micro Greens Color: purple with some green
Micro Greens Flavor: intense basil
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