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Radish Champion

1.500 KWD

25 days. AAS Winner. Recommended by USU.

Deep scarlet, globe-shaped root is very firm and stands well without becoming pithy. Fresh,  spicy-sweet flavor, Champion radishes boost juicing and is excellent for garnishing; adds spectacular cherry red color to salads, sandwiches, salsas, relishes, condiments, stir-fries, soups and also tacos and tortillas. Making your choice for kitchen or garden, Champion radish is ideal! 

  • (Raphanus Sativus)—AAS Winner, recommended by USU
  • Growth Medium: Loose textured, moist soil
  • Germination Rate: High
  • Harvest time: 20-25 days
  • Color: Deep scarlet with lush green leaves and globe-shaped, sturdy roots
  • Flavor: Crisp white flesh, fresh radish flavor, somewhat spicy, with a crunchy texture