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Red Amaranth Sprouting 114g

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مفيدة جدا كميكروجرين تضفي لون أحمر جميل للأطباق

8-12 days. Red Garnet Amaranth is a high-protein microgreen with stunning red and magenta tones. This heirloom variety can be used in salads or many oriental dishes.

Growing Directions:

Red Garnet Amaranth is a very small, delicate microgreen that prefers warmer growing conditions. Find a nice warm spot for germination and growing. It can also be sensitive to too much direct light. Red Garnet Amaranth does not grow tall, so expect very small greens that will need to be harvested close to the root line and rinsed well. These microgreens seeds do well grown hydroponically or in soil, but soil is a little more forgiving.