Rose Mallow • زهور خطمية وردية

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  • 150 1.500 KWD

الوزن: ٢غرام

زهور وردية ساحرة قد يصل قطرها ل١٠سم
ننصح بزراعتها لتسوير الممرات لشكل جميل ومميز

Rose Mallow Lavatera Trimestris

63 – 70 days. Rose Mallow lavatera seeds promise delicate and early blooming to your garden when other flowers can not. Rose Mallow seeds grow vigorous, frost-hardy lavateras that thrive in a wide range of cool and well-shaded North American gardens. Rose Mallow lavatera seeds are quick to mature into robust 24 – 48” tall shrubby uprights dazzling with 3 – 4” open cup-shaped blooms in shades of white, creamy pink, blush, and rose. Rose Mallow lavatera seeds are an ideal annual ground cover to accent walkways and flowerbeds but most popularly grown freely among wildflower mixes and wide open spaces.

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