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Shishito Pepper

1.500 KWD

250 mg

This Japanese variety produces 2 - 4 inch emerald green, slightly wrinkled, thin walled peppers. 50 – 200 on Scoville Scale, it is mostly mild with a hot pepper thrown in occasionally. It’s lovely when blistered for a fast dinner starter and very productive. Pick when young and often.

  • Latin Name: Capsicum Annum
  • Other Names: Groundcherry pepper
  • Days to Maturity: 60 days green - red in 80 days - PERENNIAL
  • Planting Depth: Half an inch deep
  • Plant Spacing: 3 feet apart
  • Growth Habit: 4 feet high - cages for support
  • Soil Preference: Warm, well-drained soil - fertilize - 6.2 to 7.0 pH
  • Temp Preference: Warmer - Not Intended To Overwinter
  • Light Preference: Full Sun
  • Color: Glossy emerald green
  • Flavor: Rich, with just a hint of spiciness