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Spectacular Bulb Plant Food 3-14-2

5.450 KWD

For all Bulbs, Onions, and Potatoes!

  • ‘Spectacular® dry fertilizer is formulated for tubers, edibles, and ornamentals. Use on summer and winter crops – containerized or in-ground. For best results, use during initial planting and re-apply on a regular basis.

Ideal for Dhalias  • Potatoes • Crocus • Oxalis • Allium • All Tubers • Narcissus • Hyacinthus• Tulips• Gladiolus • Iris Freesias  Lilies • Scilla

Dry Fertilizer, Which can be used:

  1. In the soil mix or planting hole before planting
  2. In potted plants
  3. In the ground
  4. Around established plants by working it around the plant diameter